Upgrade to Moksha - the Mask that Breathes, a Wearable Air Purifier, at Just Rs 15 a Day! Note: Our products are partially funded by the CAWACH (Centre for Augmenting WAR with COVID-19 Health Crisis) initiative of Department of Science & Technology, Government of India
Upgrade to Moksha - the Mask that Breathes, a Wearable Air Purifier, at Just Rs 15 a Day! Note: Our products are partially funded by the CAWACH (Centre for Augmenting WAR with COVID-19 Health Crisis) initiative of Department of Science & Technology, Government of India

Customer reviews

The Moksha mask is one that truly lives up to its name as the mask that breathes. It is a relief to finally have a mask that ensures comfortable air-flow, without compromising on safety. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have felt much more secure while running errands, or visiting elders in the family with the Moksha mask on. In humid weather, when the air normally feels much heavier, this mask has been a boon. The battery life is more than sufficient, and the fit of the mask is both sturdy, yet comfortable. I highly recommend this mask to people of all ages, and in all spaces!

Ms Smiti Malik, Vocalist and Music Educator, Gurgaon

During the current pandemic or otherwise it is important for me to wear a mask during the OPD for my and my patients’ protection.  The best standard for protection is the N95 mask.  However, this mask is quite uncomfortable and people have experienced hypoxia and hypercapnia while wearing it.  I have been using Moksha Mask in its place.  It is far more comfortable, and thanks to the fans you can breathe much easier.  I have found it extremely useful and comfortable when treating outpatients and at other times when I need to wear a mask.

Dr Ajit Mansingh, Senior Consultant, ENT Surgeon, Delhi

Opening and operating under the strict guidelines have been a challenge for all doctors.  Having used the Moksha Mask N-95 in my clinic I can work comfortably for hours together due to the excellent airflow under the medical visor.  Also taking comfort in the knowledge that I’m adequately protected leads me to highly recommend this remarkable product to all my colleagues.

Dr Nitin Kalra, Orthodontist, Delhi

I was not able to breathe properly with an ordinary mask.  There are two fans which makes breathing so smooth.  I am not only feeling better but also having so much energy.  This Moksha mask has done me wonders and now I feel safe to even go out and not have the problem of removing the mask so many times as I was unable to breathe with the ordinary masks available in market.  Since Covid crisis is not going away soon I decided to invest on this Moksha mask and now  I am so happy that I took this decision.  If you are having a requirement just go for this wonderful mask.

Ms Prabha Prakash, Retired School Teacher, Bengaluru

I am really relieved after getting hold of the Moksha Mask.  Not only is it easy and comfortable on the face and ears, the air circulation is a big plus.  For an avid runner and a frequent mover like me, this is a great find.

Mr Ankush Kaul, President - Sales and Marketing, Ambience Group, Delhi, June 2020

What a mask!  I have been using the Moksha Mask N95 for 2 months now, and am quite pleased with it.  Unique product which helps me breathe and carry on with my life without any restrictions, while driving or climbing 5 floors.  Really useful to increase the fan speed when I’m going out for my 5K walks or min. 10K cycle rides... battery runs a good few hours, a neat elastic band support on the head to ensure not too much pressure on my nose and back of the head.  And it doesn’t let my specs fog up like other masks which are quite irritating for people with specs.  Thanks Mokshamask!

Mr Vivek Ahuja, Director IT MEA & India - IDEMIA, Avid Walker and Cyclist, Delhi, June 2020

I am writing this only to thank you.  It is indeed a really innovative idea and to put on an N95 filter is an additional plus point.I have been running the Half Marathon for the last 15 years and when COVID 19 hit India, I was barely able to run with the different kind of masks available.  In fact I could barely run without being fatigued with masks!  However, Moksha Mask is truly  different.  I am so happy with it.  No more fatigue while running and walking!!  Great to know it was developed in India...way to go.  I would suggest all runners and serious walkers to go for it without any doubt.

Mr Arun Shankaran Kutty, Chartered Accountant and Veteran Half-Marathoner, Noida

Moksha Mask is really next generation.  I dreaded wearing a mask as I could not breathe with the mask on until I tried the Moksha Mask. The inlet and outlet fans make breathing so comfortable.  It is very quiet and the battery life is sufficient.  N-95 filter usage has been tremendously reduced as it needs to be put only in front of the inlet fan and at times on outlet fan too.  I do not see any mask in the price range which is so good.  I have already bought 12 for my family.  Hope many more people benefit from the excellent protection and comfort provided by Moksha Mask in these COVID-19 times.

Mr Pankaj Jain, Chairman, Pushpsons Fibrol P. Ltd. (JV with Takemoto Oil & Fat Co., Ltd. JAPAN), Delhi

Owing to its low breathability, it is impossible to wear a traditional mask continuously beyond 15-30 minutes after which the wearer willy-nilly pulls it down below the nose.  Such 'low slung' masks facilitate spread of Covid-19 within an enterprise.  By distributing Moksha Masks, with their high breathability owing to their unique in-built air circulation technology, amongst my employees, my staff members can wear them continuously through their shift hours and go about their day-to-day work without any hindrance, thus giving me complete peace of mind.

Mr Sanjay Agarwal, Technical Director, Tarini Steel Co. Pvt. Ltd., Pune

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